27 Mar, 20180

The traditional beginning of a lasting art.

The tenth child, Georgios Kaloidas, proved to be not only an excellent student, but also a top athlete. As a sought-after footballer of the time, he played in 1st Athinon at ESPERO Kallithea, in the Greek National team and in Panionios, against AEK and PAO. However, although he was offered a place in the Panionios team, ESPEROS did not give its consent to the transfer.

At that time the penalty for disagreement was exclusion from the game for 3 years. However, Panionios insisted on paying him for the three years waiting time, giving Georgios … the supplies, the time and the motivation … to once more stake a claim, along with his father, to the business they had been forced, for financial reasons, to rent out.  So they began to work intensively on the bakery, something which was the beginning of a long and successful journey in the art of baking.

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