27 Mar, 20180

Innovation – the prerequisite for reaching the top!

M. Kaloidas’s love for the family business and his dedication to making the best pita bread for souvlaki were the two “sparks” that ignited the vision of exporting the company’s products. So, since 1987, the company has been taking part in international exhibitions such as those in Anuga in Germany, Sial in France, Ife in London, Alimentaria in Barcelona, and DEPROP in Greece. Two years later, the product’s launch on international markets also led to the company consolidating its presence with the creation of the ELVIART logo, an abbreviation of “Elliniki Viomichania Artoskevasmaton” (Greek Bakery Industry).

EL.VΙ.ΑRΤ. was the first pita-making company to export its products.

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