11 Jul, 20180

With experience as our ally.

With its roots deep in the past, ELVIART is growing steadily in the present, and looking to the future!

Marios Kaloidas’ ambition was the driving force that made the company well-known throughout in Greece and almost all of Europe. His passion and tenacity remained unchanged over the years and were a great support to him when he was confronted with important decisions.  One of these decisions was the decision to buy all the company shares from the partners in 2013.

So, after 96 years of business, 66 years of knowledge and 30 years of experience, the company was passed in its entirety to Marios Kaloidas and his children, Giorgos M. Kaloidas and Thaleia Kaloida who work, with the same dedication and love as their forebears, in the family business.

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