27 Mar, 20180

The year of… establishment.

1952 was the date that became the “starting block” for the coordinated production of pita bread.

For the following 9 years, G Kaloidas worked hard and succeeded in buying the land at 5 Psiloreitou Street, Kallithea, where the business set up in 1961. Two more floors were added to the new building, so that production could be automated as the original workshop could no longer meet demand.

In this era, a goal like this was a huge challenge as the whole process of kneading, putting the dough in the oven and baking was done entirely by hand. Despite the difficulties, in 1969-1970 G. Kaloidas created a new type of oven. It had a 10-meter tape, and the dough, which three bakers shaped by hand, was placed in one opening in the oven, and the pita breads came out of the other opening.

The oven was perfected a little later on the advice of a mechanic who was one of G Kaloidas’ business partners. The pitas were now pressed by a special machine and production had been speeded up to meet the demand for the company’s products. The company was now called G Kaloidas & Co Ltd.

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